• Steel Alliance is moving out!

    Hear ye, hear ye! Steel Alliance is moving out to Darksorrow!

    Steel Alliance is leaving the empty void that used to be the realm Twisting Nether. Hopefully to find find more fun and steady progress on Darksorrow.

    We at Steel Alliance strive to provide our members with a fun and social environment while always trying to compete with the top guilds. We hereby open up our recruitment for players from Darksorrow to join our ranks and raid with us in our two 10-man groups and possibly 25-man in the future!

    Currently we have 6/7 HC Firelands cleared and on farm. We're planning on getting ready for patch 4.3 to have Deathwing for dinner. So if you're ready for some Dragon-Stew, please read up on
    our rules and fill in your application here.
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    1. Kanters's Avatar
      Kanters -
      WHOHOHO yeah baby.... let's kick some ass on darksorrow!!!!!
    1. Kanters's Avatar
      Kanters -
      well i've transferred now... already met some nice ppl... did a za/zg with some guys and even at 3.25 there are 49+ ppl online in SW... soo that's about 49+ ppl more then on TN :p
    1. Wilkes's Avatar
      Wilkes -
      Lets roll!
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