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    Wishes everyone happy holidays!

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    While the summer hit us bigtime, and the raiding has halted i found some time to migrate to a new server. The loading times of the website should have improved drastically and i will try to improve on that even more.

    The epgp site hasn't been migrated yet so that will stop working for a while pretty soon. Some images etc dont load yet and the skin isnt optimized yet but i'll work on that later
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    Steel Alliance is recruiting
    We are an Alliance guild on Dark Sorrow EU and we've been on several realms in the past. We've been raiding since Vanilla and our guild has made its name on many realms as a friendly and social raiding guild. Our main goals are to have fun, be social and progress in raids!! The so called guild motto has been "There is no "I" in "Team" for as long as SAGA has been up and kicking! Mostly the guild consists of groups of friends from different countries. We're currently looking for fresh blood!

    We've fought our way through the mights of the Firelands and cleared Dragon Soul , now has come a time to strengthen the raidgroups for HC content! We're currently looking for more members to fill spots for our second raidgroup, which will be focusing on Dragon Soul normal and maybe heroics soon in the future. Also we are always looking for geared and skilled players to take a spot in our core raiding group, that focuses on heroics! Our goal is to create even more friendly and social environment for friends, raiders and socials! So even if you're not up for hardcore raiding, you will get something more easy and more fun to do in Steel Alliance!

    So there are 2 ways to apply, core raider which includes harder trial period and even if you don't pass or get accepted you will be granted a spot in the second group. Raider is a more relaxed spot, you do some raids with alts, mains, socials, just friendly and relaxed gaming. So don't hesitate to make an application at
    Also if you want to join with your friends, groups applications are also allowed!

    Our current raid progress:
    Dragon Soul Normal: Cleared
    Dragon Soul Heroic: Morchock Killed


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    test ...
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    Steel Alliance is recruiting

    Hear ye! Hear ye!

    Steel Alliance of Guardian Armies is recruiting new blood to join our ranks.
    Do you want to challenge yourself in combat with Nefarian and Cho’gall, or stand side by side in the arena with fellow gladiators?

    Then listen up!

    Steel Alliance, level 25, is looking for, preferably experienced / geared and active recruits to join us in our battles to come.
    We plan four raids a week on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday and raidtimes are 20.00 – 23.00 servertime.

    Our kill list is:
    4/7 FL
    6/6 BWD
    4/4 BOT
    2/2 Tot4W

    As a mighty mister Nukem once said, we got balls of steel!

    To make an apply please visit www.steelalliance.eu/app.
    Group applications are also possible (you can use the applications forum for that).

    If you have any further questions you can talk ingame to Hyfk or Pènelopè.

    We are an alliance guild on Twisting Nether who have been around ond several servers as a guild since Vanilla.
    The guild as a whole wants to make progress raids as fast as possible at a relaxed environment. Our guild consists of a raiding core with a lot of socials.
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