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  1. Sticky: News Official Blog: System Design In Diablo IV (Part II)

    Official Blog: System Design In Diablo IV (Part II)David Kim has returned with Part II of the Diablo IV System Design blog! There are several changes to itemization in Diablo IV since we last saw it...
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    Sticky: News Challenge Rift - Week 127

    Challenge Rift - Week 127Challenge Rift Week 127 is live! This week the Challenge Rift features three different Demon Hunter builds in the form of Shadow Impale, Unhallowed Essence, and Legacy of...
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    Sticky: News Season 19 Mega-Post! Diablo IV: Community Roundup
    Season 19: The Season of Eternal Conflict ...
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    Sticky: News Patch 2.6.7a Now Live! Diablo IV: Community Roundup
    Patch 2.6.7a Now Live!The pre-season balance patch for Diablo III is now live on all platforms!

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    Sticky: News Challenge Rift Week 126

    Challenge Rift - Week 126
    Challenge Rift Week 126 is live! Because Season 19 begins this Friday, we advise that you DO NOT complete the challenge rift until after you've made your seasonal...
  6. Sticky: News Official Blog Update: System Design in Diablo IV (Part I)

    System Design in Diablo IV (Part I)As was promised last week, Lead Systems Designer David Kim has posted the first in a series of blogs detailing systems design within Diablo IV. This first post...
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    Sticky: News Diablo IV: Community Roundup

    Diablo IV Community RoundupOur friends within the Diablo community and across the globe have all had an opportunity to recover from BlizzCon and share their thoughts on Diablo IV. You can find...
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    Sticky: News Patch 2.6.7a Update For Diablo III Diablo III Season 19 Begins On November 22!
    Patch 2.6.7a UpdateBrandy has once again taken to the official forums to post an upcoming...
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    Sticky: News Patch 2.6.7 - Incoming Balance Changes Diablo III Season 19 Begins On November 22!
    Patch 2.6.7 - Incoming Balance ChangesBrandy has posted on the official forums regarding...
  10. Sticky: News Season 19: The Season of the Eternal Conflict Begins Nov. 22nd

    Season 19: The Season of the Eternal Conflict Begins Nov. 22ndAfter keeping the community guessing for a couple of days since the launch of patch 2.6.7 as to when the new season would start, Blizzard...
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    Sticky: News Diablo III Patch 2.6.7 Patch Notes

    Diablo III Patch 2.6.7 Patch NotesThe patch notes for the upcoming Diablo III patch 2.6.7 have been published ahead of a currently unknown start time for Season 19, and they include developer notes...
  12. Sticky: News Official Blog Post From Diablo IV Game Director Luis Barriga

    A Letter From Game Director Luis Barriga - BlizzCon 2019An official blog post from Luis Barriga (Diablo IV Game Director) has been posted as a response and follow up to BlizzCon 2019. Luis Barriga...
  13. Sticky: News Diablo IV: Zenkiki's Thoughts On The Demo

    Last week, our team had the opportunity to play Diablo IV extensively at BlizzCon! Neinball recently published his thoughts on the demo, and while we both generally agree on the promise that Diablo...
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    Sticky: News Diablo IV: End Game

    Diablo IV's End GamePlayers were teased multiple times on the proposed end game of Diablo IV throughout several panels at BlizzCon, and it's possible to piece the information together to get a sense...
  15. Sticky: News Diablo IV: Neinball's Thoughts on the Demo

    While at BlizzCon, we had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the Diablo IV demo and compile some of our thoughts and feedback on those play sessions. Below are my thoughts on the demo,...
  16. Sticky: News Diablo Immortal - Post BlizzCon 2019 Update

    Additional Diablo Immortal Update

    In case you missed it with all the Diablo IV excitement over the last couple of days,...
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    Sticky: News Diablo IV: World & Lore Panel Recap

    The Diablo IV World & Lore panel is a quick run down on the influences and goals for the tone of the game, as well as a quick recap of how we got to this point in the story and some little tidbits of...
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    Sticky: News Diablo IV Community Group Q&A

    We were given the opportunity to take part in a group Q&A with Lead Game Designer Joe Shely and Senior Producer Tiffany Wat. Bellow is some notes we took from the Q&A for everyone see a little more...
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    Sticky: News Diablo Immortal Update - BlizzCon 2019

    Update on Diablo Immortal for BlizzCon 2019
    While Diablo Immortal didn't make it into the packed Opening Ceremony showing, Blizzard did release an update on the game earlier today. We get some...
  20. Sticky: News Diablo IV: Systems & Features Panel Recap

    Diablo IV: Systems & Features Panel RecapThe Diablo IV systems and features panel was a deep-dive into the inner workings of the game that had a Q&A at the very end. This panel revealed a surprising...
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    Sticky: News Diablo IV - Art Book Pages Leaked

    Art of Diablo - Diablo 4 Pages Leaked!

    Last week we reported on some Diablo IV leaks from the upcoming Art of Diablo book. This...
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    Sticky: News Diablo IV Announced - Cinematic Trailer

    Diablo 4 Officially Announced!
    While we've had plenty of leaks and lots of rumors, the day has finally arrived for the official reveal! Just minutes ago in the BlizzCon 2019 Opening Ceremony,...
  23. Sticky: News Diablo IV - Classes, World, Story, and more!

    Diablo 4 was announced earlier today for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 during in the Opening Ceremony of BlizzCon 2019. So far, we've seen a Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Trailer, which gives us a...
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    Sticky: News Diablo IV - Gameplay Trailer

    Diablo 4 First Look at Gameplay!
    Diablo IV was finally announced with a stunning cinematic trailer, just minutes ago at BlizzCon 2019. We don't have a release window just yet, but we do know the...
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    Sticky: News DiabloFans BlizzCon Coverage

    DiabloFans BlizzCon Coverage BlizzCon 2019 is potentially looking to be a huge year for Diablo with a possible Diablo IV & Diablo II remastered announcement, and almost certainly a look at what may...
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