Good day,

Since patch 6.1 is downloading in the background downloader i wanted to have / give a heads-up on what we think Steel Alliance should be as a guild.

We are looking for people to raid with but we want to raid in a style that better suits our lives and schedule, there are a lot of people with kids , busy jobs etc but a lot of those people do want to see the content that blizzard has available
So we are looking to have like 2 raid days which we can switch around if it suits people better but for example Wednesday and Sunday, where we raid with like minded people who don’t mind an occasional wipe and will be working together to improve the tactics on raids and prevent people making the same mistakes again, but without naming and shaming ( except if you rly still don’t understand that fire rly hurts)

This will mean that our aim will not be do mythic raiding , because we would need a dedicated 20 man group for that, but have a raid-roster that consists anywhere between ~14 and 25 people so we can raid all days we chosen as raid days.

If you think you want to be a member of that group please visit the forum and respond to the topic made from this email or respond to the email itself.

Kind Regards Istvan