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Gladiator's Sanctum Realm - Battle for Azeroth Beta
The Gladiator's Sanctum PvP testing realm is now active on beta!

  • You are able to create Level 120 characters, equip them with item level 370 gear, gems, and enchants.
  • This realm is for PvP testing, so you won't be able to go and do PvE things.

PvP Scaling - Battle for Azeroth

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
So the goal with "scaling" in PvP is merely to reduce the power gap between players where appropriate. In PvE, this is not a big deal. Theoretically if you gain 200% player power from the first tier of an expansion to the last in PvE, none of the creatures are going to complain. But if you have just leveled up (or are in the process of leveling in a zone with max level players), the power difference may not "feel fair."

The point of the scaling changes is not to make it so levels or gear don't matter. A player who is higher level than you and/or has a higher iLevel than you are going to have an advantage.

We were experimenting with using the system to also work between much larger level gaps (i.e. a level 60 player vs a level 120 player), but have decided to only utilize it for players at level 110 to 120 for now.

Thanks for your feedback and testing on this feature, it's helped out a ton!

Dark Legacy Comics #638
DLC #638 has been released!