Developer Q&A - Ion Hazzikostas
Ion Hazzikostas is here to answer your World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth questions.

  • Class Tuning
    • The team is not done with class tuning. They don't think things are perfect, but want more data to make broader changes over multiple specs.
    • Arms mastery and feral druid AoE were so out of whack that it was almost useless for them and so they changed it immediately so that they could be useful.
    • The target for the first significant balance tuning is aimed for the end of the first week in September.

  • Mob Scaling
    • Outdoor world scaling has not changed since 7.2. Blizzard has not changed anything. Argus had the same system.
    • Outdoor world mob scaling is done because the world remains relevant and rewards increase as your item level progresses, so the world should keep pace with you but at a slower pace.
    • Before world scaling, players would become so strong that it would disrupt the outdoor world experience by killing mobs too fast for others to tag them.
    • Creatures only end up with about 3-4% more health at higher gear levels after dungeons.
    • There are some outlier mobs that scale too much, but these are addressed as they are discovered.

  • Mob Scaling while Leveling
    • Lack of progression while leveling is something the team understands and wants to address and do better with it in the future.
    • Before the world scaled to level, the increased challenge of mobs was not felt as much because you were usually fighting creatures in the higher level zones which felt understandable.
    • They are aware and agree that these more challenging mobs at max level that you had an easier time with at lower levels is not a good feeling.

  • World PvP Level Scaling
    • A hotfix was deployed to lessen the scaling issues of lower levels against higher levels in world PvP.

  • Item Level Increase at Max Level
    • The reason item level increases rapidly right after reaching max level is to make sure upgrades feel relevant and noticeable.