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BlizzCon Schedule & Floor Map

The schedule and floor map for BlizzCon have been released! The schedule only features two known Diablo panels on Saturday (Artists at Work: Diablo on the Epic stage at 10:30am PST & The Art of Diablo on the Legendary stage at 4:15pm PST); however, there are six untitled "Coming Soon!" panels on the Mythic stage--four on Friday and two on Saturday. This certainly gives plenty of room for new game announcements at BlizzCon, but we are unsure as to how many will be Diablo focused.

The floor map shows off the new layout of BlizzCon this year and reflects the store being moved to the North Hall from its traditional location of Hall E--which now hosts the Blizzard Arcade, with demos of games like Blackthorn, Diablo II, Lost Vikings, and Rock N' Roll Racing. Most importantly, Hall D (which houses the Mythic stage) has a massive empty area within it. Last year, this area had the Horadric Retreat & Diablo III Nintendo Switch demo area, along with the Art Gallery and Charity Auction. The large empty area in last year's floor map ended up being the Diablo: Immortal demo area.

Because this entire area on the floor map is empty this year, it suggest that there will be a large unknown demo station available for new game announcements--which gives credence to the recent series of Diablo IV and Diablo II: Remastered leaks.

Let us know in the comments and on our forums what you think of the floor map, and what you think may fill the untitled panels!

BlizzCon All-Acces Gear Store Now Available:

In addition to the news above, the BlizzCon all-access gear store is now live. There are several new Diablo apparel items that have appeared, but we are certain there will be more variety once the opening ceremony has concluded on November 1st.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment(Official Post)

The BlizzCon 2019 All-Access Gear Sale is now online, and this year it’s open to everyone attending the show or joining us from home right off the bat.
For those attending in person, Blink shopping will be available starting October 28, so you can shop online or through the mobile app in advance, and pick up your gear on-site at the convention in the BlizzCon Store (located in North Hall Level 1).

Blizzard Gear Store Orders
For those of you watching the festivities online or want your loot shipped straight to your home, the first wave of BlizzCon 2019 merch is available now. To order, head to the Blizzard Gear Store, create a Fanatics account, and start browsing! If you’re looking to have to order on your doorstep by a certain time, be sure to check out the shipping timeframes on their website for both US domestic and international orders.

Blink and On-Site Shopping for BlizzCon Attendees
For those attending BlizzCon in person, Blink shopping is coming back starting October 28. Leave some room in your suitcase when you head to Anaheim—you’ll be able to pick up the entirety of your order at the on-site BlizzCon Store, which will be open Thursday, October 31 at its new location in the Anaheim Convention Center North Hall (Level 1). Stay tuned for more information on Blink shopping.