DiabloFans BlizzCon Coverage

BlizzCon 2019 is potentially looking to be a huge year for Diablo with a possible Diablo IV & Diablo II remastered announcement, and almost certainly a look at what may be coming next to Diablo III. It's also likely that we will hear about Diablo: Immortal's release date. DiabloFans is committed to providing the Diablo community with up-to-date news on any announcements from BlizzCon, along side additional content from our staff who are at the event!

Diablo Announcement News

All of the big Diablo announcements will be posted on DiabloFans as the news breaks! This is especially helpful for people in the community who are unable to watch the opening ceremony live, and are looking for details regarding any announcement as it happens! Check back here throughout all of Friday & Saturday for all of your updated Diablo news! If you wish to be apart of the excitement and discussion as it happens, then be sure to visit our forums and join our official Discord server!

Additional BlizzCon Coverage

Our intrepid writers Zenkiki & Neinball are both at BlizzCon, and will be writing deep-dives into the various announcements with additional follow up information! Be sure to follow DiabloFans on Twitter for updates from the show floor. This includes live-tweeting the opening ceremony and pictures from the event throughout the weekend! Direct any questions you may have regarding the new announcements to our writers on Twitter or in the comments of the news posts!