Diablo IV Community Roundup

Our friends within the Diablo community and across the globe have all had an opportunity to recover from BlizzCon and share their thoughts on Diablo IV. You can find thoughts, opinions, and feedback regarding Diablo IV from our list of community members and content creators below! This list is just a taste of what the Diablo community has to say, and we encourage everyone to share their thoughts and anyone we may have missed from this list in our comments!

The r/Diablo subreddit has been bustling with discussion since the announcement of Diablo IV, and the moderators have published their thoughts and impressions of Diablo IV. Be sure to head over to the subreddit to join in on the discussion and see what they had to say about the game!

Content Creators

You can find a variety of different thoughts on Diablo IV from content creators around the globe through our featured videos below!