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Season 21 Mega-Post!
Season 21 Seasonal Theme Hotfix

Blizzard just released a hotfix to address some of the accessibility issues the seasonal theme has had for many players, as well as addressing some functionality issues the theme's mechanics were having with pets, set dungeons, and some exploitative mechanics. While there may still be some unresolved issues around how the mechanics of theme are being used to push the leaderboards, this is a step in the right direction and we hope to see more balance fixes as S21 continues.

Originally Posted by FilthieRich (Official Post)

This morning we launched a hotfix to address updates for Season 21: Trials of Tempest. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to focus on audio and visual accessibility issues and the functionality of the Seasonal Theme procs. FYI, as a hotfix, you will not need to update your game. Simply exit out and re-login to grab the update.

Hotfix Notes:

• Lightning flashes will no longer occur when the seasonal effect for Lightning Breath and Tornadoes takes effect.
• Audio horns has been removed from the PC version of the game. Console versions has had horns replaced with a light drum.
• Pets can now generate stacks of the Seasonal theme.
• Players can no longer carry an ongoing Seasonal theme effect into a Greater Rift. (Lightning Breath, Meteors)
• Players can no longer carry a Seasonal theme effect to trigger outside a Greater Rift to only have it begin inside. (Tornadoes, Snowball, Fire Wave)
• Pets no longer proc the seasonal theme in set dungeons. This is to address the issues of users having issues completing set dungeons.

As the season progresses, we welcome more of your feedback and want to give a big thanks to all of you for helping us get here - See you in hell!