Double Treasure Goblin Buff!

Blizzard has introduced the double treasure goblin buff for the remainder of Season 22! Now is the perfect time to hop into Diablo III to get your seasonal journey completed!

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For the rest of Season 22, all Treasure Goblin spawns will be doubled. This means that each time you encounter a Treasure Goblin in the wild, they’ll be accompanied by an exact duplicate of themselves for two times the loot, chaos, and fun!

There are a few important details to keep in mind with this effect:

  • This does not affect goblins encountered via Bandit Shrines, Goblin “Rift” packs, or in the Realm of Greed.
  • Duplicate Whimsydale portals created by the Rainbow Goblin will enter the same instance of Whimsydale.
  • The Insufferable Miscreant is not affected by this buff; this is intended.

Need a refresher on the various types of Treasure Goblins and what they do? Be sure to check out our Game Guide for more information. We’ll otherwise see you in Sanctuary!