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BlizzConline - Diablo Immortal: Alpha & Beyond!

Lead Designer Wyatt Cheng and Lead Producer Caleb Arseneaux discuss the results of the Tech Alpha, and provide a sneak peek at what’s next for Diablo Immortal. Hosted by Bluddshed.

  • When it comes to designing skills for Immortal, bringing some things that are new, some things that are improved, and some things that are familiar is important.
  • Progression speed should be balanced between legendary drops and leveling up.
  • One of the things that made the Technical Alpha special was being surprised by drops that players didn't know existed.
  • There is an intentional break at a point in the story/leveling to give players a variety of activities to do.
  • A large variety of ways to progress your character gives players things to do each time they log in.
  • Each zone has its own event.
  • The new Paragon system is less linear than in Diablo III, and allows for specialization which can be expanded upon over time.
  • The Library of Zulton Kulle allows the player to go back in time to play alongside Kulle and Tal Rasha to fight Baal.
    • The team is excited to bring more things like these 'time-walking' dungeons to Immortal.

  • Westmarch being a hub where you see other players makes the world feel bigger and alive.
  • The social aspects are important to the game, despite being able to play through much of it solo.
  • Controller support is the most requested thing coming out of Technical Alpha.
    • The team is investigating how they could bring in support for controllers.

  • Only two tile-sets were available in Lairs during Technical Alpha, but more are going to be available.
  • The announcement in 2018 was rough, especially when fans wanted the Diablo IV announcement.
  • Feedback at BlizzCon 2018 was positive and gave the team encouragement.
  • The next testing phase will introduce a new class, and will be available to more players for a longer period of time.
  • The level cap of Technical Alpha was 45, but release is planned to be 60.
  • The Challenge Rifts were intended to give Technical Alpha players something to do at 45, but a more robust endgame is planned.