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Thread: Jerks!

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    Hey jerks how about you don't kill me just as i get out of firelands!

    Wtb 10 vs 10 battle! your place of choice and time!

    also i like that the awesome Khalimdor finally joined SAGA i tried convincing him for so long:D

    Also that fat cow Salahaddin was me!

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    Re: Jerks!

    Glad you died, you I-switch-to-horde-because-easy-all-kids-go-there!

    I think we have a team of 10 who will answer that challenger :P /me looks at Thalin...

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    Re: Jerks!

    My 5s team can take your 10 man team EZ :P

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    Re: Jerks!

    i'm down for some horde killing!

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    Re: Jerks!

    You mofo!!! Traitor, I don't wanna see you anymore!

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    Re: Jerks!

    Well I changed to horde a loooooooooooooooooooong long time ago my cousin forced me omg:D
    Also Khalimdor you wouldnt!

    Set up when your 10 ppl are avalible and ill bring my 9 men its gonna be fun:D loosers changes faction?

    Edit: got my warrior and mage on ally side if you would take me under your banner:D
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    Re: Jerks!

    I can duel your warrior and if I win you will faction change! okey?

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    Re: Jerks!

    We can't help it, usually the entrance is swarming with horde. We all had to get out because of our boss bugging. so the first thing we do as alliance is kill as many Horde as we can before we die. Only this time there was not much horde:P

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    Re: Jerks!

    There was only some Fat cow and he was easy to kill!


    So you'll faction change if you lose :P ???

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    Re: Jerks!

    Well i wont so its gonna be nice having you on horde side illiethD:

    warrior is lvl 80 hyfk but i challenge you to a duel on my cow pala vs pala!

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