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    Raiding - Nžkolai - Paladin - Tank



    What is your birthdate

    4 June 1997

    Scaled 1 - 5 how is your english

    • Understanding: 5
    • Speaking: 5
    • Typing: 3

    Do you know someone in steel alliance


    Select people if you know them




    please describe your personality

    Im calm, in the wotlk raids i always had a sence of calm, i never shout (caps) at ppl, Just when they fail on purpose


    Character name




    • Tank

    What is your primary reason to apply



    Previous guilds

    OMG Wife Aggro (i left becouse they woudnt let me raid, they said i was to yougn and that my gear wasnt up to theyr usual standards)
    Trained By Chuck Norris (I left for OMG wife aggro)

    Have you ever been officer


    have you ever been Raidleader



    Raid Days
    • Monday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    • Saturday

    What instances do you have experience in
    • Baradin Hold

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    Re: Raiding - Nžkolai - Paladin - Tank

    Hello Nikolai and thanks for your application. I took a look at your current gear and I can see that you're lacking some gems and enchants, also I think that you won't be able to tank heroic firelands with your current gear. So at this point I'll have to decline your application, feel free to apply again when you've sorted your gear out!

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