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    Raiding - Gaffeln - Warrior - Tank



    What is your birthdate

    1 February 1994

    Scaled 1 - 5 how is your english

    • Understanding: 5
    • Speaking: 4
    • Typing: 5

    Do you know someone in steel alliance


    Select people if you know them




    please describe your personality

    Im a pretty funny and social guy, almost 18 years old. Love to mess around with people and just havin a fun time in raids/dungeons. But when it comes to progress in raids tho, im pretty serious about what im doing, and i always learn from my mistakes, which is a thing in my opinion.


    Character name




    • Tank

    What is your primary reason to apply



    Previous guilds

    Dawn of the Exiled mostly from Wotlk, and when Cata released i didnt play as much as i did before in wotlk. So i got left behind while everyone else geared up and got a nice progress. And now i want to come back in buisness and get some nice equipments and progress and get to know new people which brings me happiness

    Have you ever been officer


    have you ever been Raidleader



    Raid Days
    • Sunday
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday

    What instances do you have experience in
    • Blackwing Descent
    • Blackwing Descent (HC)
    • Throne of the Four Winds
    • The Bastion of Twilight
    • The Bastion of Twilight (HC)
    • Baradin Hold

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    Re: Raiding - Gaffeln - Warrior - Tank

    Thanks for your application, we're kinda heavy on tanks so at this point we have to decline, GL with further guild search!
    Last edited by Hyfk; 04-12-11 at 18:28.

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