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Thread: Worth it?

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    Worth it?

    Playing WoW again. Worth it?

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    Re: Worth it?

    Depends on why you stopped in the first place.
    We are on a fun realm now currently and doing 25 man so maybe for you yes.

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    Re: Worth it?

    I had fun when i came back. so who knows

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    Re: Worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nec View Post
    Playing WoW again. Worth it?
    i think it still is :-) however your beer drinking friend max quit but we have another spacegoaty beer drinker kanters for you if you like :P

    However i dont think the current players would like you coming over and puke in someones towel (that was you right? :P )

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    Re: Worth it?

    Yo Nec!

    Wassup asshat?

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    Re: Worth it?

    Nec! I think I even got you on facebook? Yeah it's fun :)

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    Re: Worth it?

    @ istvan that was quainn, dumbass

    @ nec

    judging by youre facebook entries you playing wow is like commiting social suicide. I quitted cause i need some chores done around the house and the mrs was bothering me about it. Ill come back before D3 tough, dunno if im gonne have maxiam transferred but well see.

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    Re: Worth it?

    Ah i thought it was nec who "abused" Quain's towel

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    Re: Worth it?

    Was just fancying playing casually. I have levelled 3 chars to 20 on darksorrow with the free trial and was thinking about paying for the full game again.

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    I think that with current lfr raids and pug stuff with guild or partly guild can be enough fun for a payed subscription (for casual stuff)

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