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    Raiding - Iselin - Rogue - Melee DPS



    What is your birthdate

    14 May 1986

    Scaled 1 - 5 how is your english

    • Understanding: 4
    • Speaking: 3
    • Typing: 5

    Do you know someone in steel alliance


    Select people if you know them




    please describe your personality

    Name's Yuliy (Julian), i'm just an ordinary guy from Russia, who doesn't want to go to ghetto, and prefers playing in English.:) Not many of my hobbies might perhaps interest you, except that i obviosly love playing wow, particularly raiding and lore parts, and have no plans on quitting it.


    Character name




    • Melee DPS

    What is your primary reason to apply



    Previous guilds

    Started in august 2006 in vanilla as resto druid, since i thought healing is my path. Lost interest quite early, switched to a rogue and lvled her to 60. Entered "Sons of Hermes" guild (it was russian, as were 100% of guilds on Warsong realm at that time), cleared MC and killed 1st boss in BWL. In TBC i stayed with them for quite a while, and farmed Karazhan, for quite a lot :) Then winds of change blew me off, and i found my new place among "Siberian Legion" folks, they were progressing SSC/TK, after a month or so they went in steep decline caused by losing much fighting force. I decided to migrate on Molten Core realm, which was also russian (unofficially) at that time, and was invited by my friends in "Order of Burning Blade". At start, all went well, we finished with T5 and started probing BT, but sadly official russian realms took the place on map, and all my guildmates, as most of russians, went to them immediately.
    It was a disaster for me, since i really prefer to play english games in english, so i migrated on Deathwing, this time completely foreign (for me ofc) realm, where i had a really brief period of acclimatizing. As insanely lucky turn, i passed as a trial on quite formidable guild "Anvil of Crom" (no, at that time it wasn't anything like modern), and managed to show myself in a spotlight, earning my iron-clad place among the Sunwell raiders. We killed all bosses there except M'uru and KJ pre-nerf, and after nerf did hit, we killed those 2 aswell.
    As WotLK appeared, my mind got clouded and i decided to reroll on DK. Realizing too late, that it wasn't at all what i want, i lost momentum in progression (tho managed to get realm first 25m malygos on that toon), and started to sink in slacking - first lvling some more casual alts, then quitting AoC by own willing, then at last joining as friendly as it was small guild named "OCPF" (those were ulduar times), where i started to focus attention on my rogue again. I brought her in tier 9 patch already decently geared, and applied to yet another guild, where i met someone named Xaphire. Took us in first 3-4 bosses in ICC untill that guild broke up, and Xaph made his own guild, which he named "Equil", and took me in. We farmed 12/12 normal, and something like 9/12 hc in 25m.
    In Cataclysm that ream died completely, so we migrated on this DW realm, naming the guild "Thirst". It started well, and suddenly, already in tier 11 content, guild lost any motivation to keep up the good job. And that situation's became gradually much worse to this moment, so i told them goodbye, and quitted. Now i'm in a random guild, waiting for the chance to continue my way.

    Have you ever been officer


    have you ever been Raidleader



    Raid Days
    • Sunday
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    • Saturday

    What instances do you have experience in
    • Blackwing Descent
    • Blackwing Descent (HC)
    • Throne of the Four Winds
    • The Bastion of Twilight
    • The Bastion of Twilight (HC)
    • Firelands
    • Firelands HC
    • Baradin Hold

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    Re: Raiding - Iselin - Rogue - Melee DPS

    Good evning Iselin
    sorry for letting you wait for so long. if your still intrested in joining our ranks, please give me a shout in game for a chat

    kind regards
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