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    Raiding - Pwnadin - Paladin - Healer



    What is your birthdate

    14 January 1987

    Scaled 1 - 5 how is your english

    • Understanding: 5
    • Speaking: 5
    • Typing: 5

    Do you know someone in steel alliance


    Select people if you know them




    please describe your personality

    Im a very laid Sociable back Guy, I enjoy talking to people on Teamspeak/vent and having a laugh. Though with my previous years of experience i know when to be serious, Generally in Raids i keep silent unless spoke too, as i like to make sure i keep my concentration 100% on the raid.


    Character name




    • Healer

    What is your primary reason to apply



    Previous guilds

    On Darksorrow i started out in Unknown Legends which i now own on my alt, which is a social guild that started in 2005 but has became very underpopulated due to people moving on.

    When i started raiding my main was a Gnome Rogue named Jargun from 2005 onward, I started in Guild of Honor, Clearing Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. Then i moved onto Chaos Theory Which i continued with Blackwing Lair and part of Aq20/40, But Chaos Theory stopped raiding so i moved onto Unknown Immunity and cleared AQ40, a few days later i got invited to Flying Circus and we cleared Naxx40 Alliance first, which i was very proud of.

    After Naxx i took a break from WoW and it was due to Real life friends that i came back, i switched servers and rerolled Horde as a Tauren Restoration Druid named Convertibull and joined Divine retribtuion through Burning crusade content where we cleared everything up to half of Black temple when it was current content.

    Then waiting for Wrath to release alot of people stopped playing and i knew no one on that server anymore so i came back to Darksorrow on Pwnadin as a Protection Paladin and raided through Wrath in a guild called Crit, we raided Naxx, Malygos and Sartharion but due to disagreements Crit stopped raiding due to differences in opinions between officers.

    I then left Darksorrow again and rerolled completely with no one i knew on Agammagan as a Orc Rogue named Iheartkfc, i joined 25 man raiding guild called Sons of Liches, we cleared ICC 25 Normal And started trying Hc's but as in the past when Cataclysm was announced peoples interest in raiding dropped and people stopped turning up, this i thought was the end of me raiding as i becamse a casual of sorts, coming back to Darksorrow and Levelled a Warrior and a priest to 85.

    I then made a Worgen Druid on Darksorrow called Erata and Quickly found myself a New guild that was just starting to raid called Shattered, we had a good core of people and quickly passed through Throne of four winds, Bastion of twilight and Blackwing descent our first full night of raiding we cleared all three in one night which was fun, But it was during the summer and the guild leader went on vacation for 2 weeks promoting some members to officer to create raids, but people never shown up and 95% of the guild left.

    I then decided to come back to Pwnadin again and thus still a member of Unknown Legends.

    Have you ever been officer


    have you ever been Raidleader



    Raid Days
    • Sunday
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    • Saturday

    What instances do you have experience in
    • Blackwing Descent
    • Throne of the Four Winds
    • The Bastion of Twilight
    • Firelands
    • Baradin Hold

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    Re: Raiding - Pwnadin - Paladin - Healer

    My apologies, i forgot to register Prior to posting my application, i hope all is in order thanks.

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    Re: Raiding - Pwnadin - Paladin - Healer

    Greetings pwnadin

    Thank you for your application! we will get back to you asap, stay tuned!

    Kind regards


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    Re: Raiding - Pwnadin - Paladin - Healer

    Thank you for your consideration, hope to hear back soon.


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    Re: Raiding - Pwnadin - Paladin - Healer

    Accepted for trial!

    Whisper me for an invite


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    Re: Raiding - Pwnadin - Paladin - Healer

    welcome aboard m8

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