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    Raiding - Adlanna - Priest - Healer



    What is your birthdate

    1 November 1987

    Scaled 1 - 5 how is your english

    • Understanding: 5
    • Speaking: 5
    • Typing: 5

    Do you know someone in steel alliance


    Select people if you know them




    please describe your personality

    I'm an easy going guy, quite laid back. Always up for a laugh. Willing to put in the time and effort when needed. Dedicated. Willing to accept constructive criticism on my playstyle and characters, always looking to improve.

    Looking for a guild that is willing to put in effort where and when needed but also very social and running a couple of alt runs between progress raiding.


    Character name




    • Healer

    What is your primary reason to apply



    Previous guilds

    The Big Bazookas, Ronin

    Have you ever been officer


    have you ever been Raidleader



    Raid Days
    • Sunday
    • Monday
    • Thursday
    • Saturday

    What instances do you have experience in
    • Blackwing Descent
    • Firelands
    • Baradin Hold

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    Re: Raiding - Adlanna - Priest - Healer

    hello there adlanna.

    Thank you for your application but currently our healing ranks are full for this moment.

    Good luck finding a guild!

    kind regards /roos

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